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Mason Burke

Team Manager, Sales & Marketing.


Age: 26

Home Town: St. Charles, MO. USA

Currently Resides: Boulder, Colorado. USA

Years Riding: 14


I’m approaching the tenth year of knowing Mason, and I’ve maybe been more places with him than I have with anyone else in my life. He’s one of the few people I know that is willing to be as impulsively motivated as myself to do anything possible to ride a new piece of concrete, to the point of irrationality. He’d borderline inconvenience himself to save a buck to put it towards travel, which has led to many of the ridiculous scenarios we’ve been in, considering my frugality matches his. Mason knows what he wants to ride and will do anything it takes to make those tires touch that deep pool coping transition. We so often ride the same types of bowls over and over together to the point that I forget that he is fully capable of riding anything he wants, whether that be a 4 foot spine mini or a down ledge. And that whether he wants the world to know it or not, he’s done a whip to bar. 

-Robert Barranco

Mason Burke in Arizona

Filmed & Edited by Trevor Novatin

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