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Sam Schulte

Founder, owner and product designer.


Age: 41 years

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

Current Residence: Saint Louis, Missouri

Sponsors: Owner of Tree Bicycle Co.

Years Riding: 29 years


A bio on Sam Schulte could easily reach one hundred fascinating pages. From his self taught mechanical engineering to his dietary habits he is truly one of a kind. Twenty years ago on any given Sunday you would find Sam at the BMX race track. I don’t recall Sam’s bike having a part on it that he didn’t file down, drill holes in or try to home anodize. He was, and is still, fully engaged in always improving parts for his bike to make them the lightest and strongest. Tree was the outlet that allowed him to show the world his incredible talent for engineering and the BMX community took notice. Sam’s first Tree sprocket was a best seller. As a perfectionist Sam never let an opportunity pass to improve upon is own products. Even when the first Tree sprocket was in peak demand and every batch he produced was pre-sold he still found little tweaks to enhance the sprocket so that every bike with his product was the absolute best. Sam’s diet soon found the same scrutiny his bike products did. Evolving from vegetarian to vegan to raw meat. The best part of his bike products and his diet is that Sam cuts no corners in research and testing everything. Years of R&D went into the way Sam eats today and I am sure he is still working on developing it although I can’t even fathom what that might be. That is why Sam remains so successful; his imagination doesn’t see boundaries only possibilities for improvement. -Ashley Hoffmann

Tree Bikes Tv: Sam owns it!

Sam, the owner of Tree, in some older footage of him riding in a time where Pants were loose, shirts were tight and handlebars were small. This video was put together by Sams friend Ashley Hoffman.

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