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Over Seas

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Yes we do ship overseas!

We know It's costly for you to get products from where ever you are In the world so we pay half shipping on all International orders!

Shipping Carriers

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We use all major shipping carriers. You will be able to select what works best for you at checkout.

How fast will my product arrive?

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This Is subjective to what carrier you've selected and where you are I the world

For domestic orders we estimate orders will arrive In 4-7 days.

For overseas orders can arrive between 9-18 days.

You will receive tracking Information I your confirmation email.

Warranty & Returns

Can I return my item?

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Yes we do offer returns. Email us at to get started.

How do I warranty my item?

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You can check If you qualify for warranty here


If you qualify please email us at


Does Sam really eat raw meat?

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Yes! He Is still on his completely raw diet, Including meat!

Do you sponsor?

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Yes we do. And while our little group of misfits Is already quite stacked We are still open to submissions. Email us a video of your proudest riding, say a little bit about yourself and link us to your Instagram!

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