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Welcome to Tree - Eze Helmreich

Welcome to Tree - Eze Helmreich

We met Eze back in '18 at Woodward West where he was working and riding everyday. On our way in we heard about him from mutual friends telling us how crazy the Argentinian was on the trails, in the park or at the plaza. For how crazy he was on his bike it was surprising how calm, respectful and nice he was on the deck.

We shared many conversations that week about where we've been, what country had the best bowls and more. After keeping up with Eze on social media we thought more and more about how good of a fit he would be for Tree. Thankfully after we popped the question we shared the stoke about having a partnership!

Eze also owns his own company called One Place World where he makes apparel and camping gear! You can check that out on instagram at @OnePlaceWorld or

Credits: Rider:


Filmer: Gabriel Chaves - @GabrielChaves96

Editing: Eze Helmreich

Song: thang-shuggie otis

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