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Dylan Wright - Welcome to the Team!

Dylan Wright - Welcome to the Team!

First and foremost lets all make sure to wish this moto whippin, bike wigglin Texas wrangler a happy 24th birthday today as we welcome him to the Tree Tribe! The way I see it, Dylan is the perfect fit for Tree. He spends all of his free time pumping at the deep ends all around Houston and more and he makes it look good. But it doesn't hurt that he looks like a member of rocket power all grown up. We could tell Dylan was stoked on Trees new wave since our comeback at the beginning of 2020 and we kept a close eye on him, some of us caught up with him for a few sessions over the year and then we finally got down on one knee with a sprocket small enough for that special finger and tied the knot.

We hope you enjoy this and if you'd like to support Dylan you can share this and follow him at @Dylan_is_Wright on instagram and say whats up to all those camera holders that help out so much

Filmers: @Cain.Clayton @Dalton_Ridley23 @EliKravetz @SkaterNate

Guest star: @Tristan_Mcclain


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