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Tree Bicycle Co - Spoke Length Chart

The rear & front Tree hub use the same length spokes

More rims will be added throughout time


20" Wheels

These rims need 200mm length spokes

ERD: 388mm

Proper rim
Alienation: Deviant, Skylark
Colony: Contour

ERD: 389mm

G-sport: Ribcage, Rollcage
Alex: Supra E lite,
Sun: King Pin
390mm -Odyssey: Hazard lite, 7K, 7KA
Sun: Envy
Alex: Supra J, Supra B
Demolition: Zero
Fly Bikes: front rim
Primo: Balance 6061; 7005
1664 BMX Rim
Shadow Conspiracy: Orbis rim
Revenge: Arc

ERD: 391mm

Sun: Big City
Animal rim
Alienation: Runaway
Shadow Stun
392mm éclat x-dous

These rims need 202mm length spokes


ERD: 393mm 

Fly Bikes: Crosslace
Alienation: Delinquent,440
Macneil: Dubs

ERD: 394mm 

Stolen: Roulette, Revolver
Alienation: 7up
Sun: Estate, BFR, Big City Lite, Big Baller, Black Box

ERD: 396mm

Sun: Rhyno Lite, Rhyno Lite XL, Villa
Alienation: PBR, Black Sheep, Insurgent
Cinema 777

These rims need 197mm length spokes


ERD: 383mm

G Sport: Birdcage
Bombshell: SL

These rims need 194mm length spokes


ERD: 380mm

Odyssey: Aerospace We do not sell spokes that fit this rim. They must be cut to 194mm!

22” Wheels


These rims need 224mm length spokes


ERD: 437mm

Faction 22” rim

These rims need 225mm length spokes


ERD: 440mm

Revenge Industries Arc 22” rim

24” Wheels

 These rims need 251mm length spokes


ERD: 492mm

Sun Envy 24” rim

These rims need 252mm length spokes


ERD: 496mm

Odyssey Hazard lite


Fixed Gear Wheels


These rims need 303mm length spokes


ERD: 598mm

Velocity P35 in 29”
Spoke Calculator
The Tree Front hub specs are:
Hub Flange Diameter: 38mm
Hub Center to Flange Center: 33.7mm
Spoke hole Diameter: 2.5mm
Number of Spokes: 36
Cross Pattern: 5
The Tree Rear hub specs are:
Drive Flange Diameter: 38mm
Non-Drive Flange Diameter: 38mm (truly 43.5mm but it is machined so that it gives the spoke the length of 38mm flange dia.)
Drive Flange Offset: 29.4mm
Non-Drive Flange Offset: 29.4mm
Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.5mm
Number of Spokes: 36
Cross Pattern: 5
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