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For The Experience Vol. 1

For The Experience Vol. 1

For The Experience Vol. 1

Robert has taken 4 years to complete his biggest personal project yet.

Dealing with printers, publishers, editors and almost throwing out his back unloading a van full of the finished product. I couldn't be more proud of Rob for completing his first book and I am so excited to share this with you all.

We hope you enjoy this interview between 2 close friends full of rambling, run on sentences and grammatical errors. We tried to make it as raw as we could basing it off a recording. 
Robbie, Robbie, Robbie.. So when exactly did you start this?
ummm, it started when you (mason) and I were living together in Orlando and I had a bunch of prints of film photos on my wall and I started organizing them in a way to become a zine or photo booklet and once I started going through all my photos I realized there was a good amount... that was probably about 4 years ago. But uh, I started organizing them in a way where some I didn't want to write about, some I figured I'd write and extended caption about and some I'd write full blown stories behind the photo... and those stories ended up being way longer than I expected. 
While putting it together I continued to shoot more photos and didn't cut myself off like I said I would and ended up with... 419 pages. NOT 420 pages. 
At one point the book was sent to print and we reached out to China and said "add these pages" ... and that's the reason the books 4lbs.
Do you see other people - err, there's others in Bmx doing books but I don't think ive seen a full photo book. Is there any one you saw that made you want to do a photo book, I know it started out as a zine idea.
Yaaa. I, - no one specifically... I remember I was at a coffee shop a few years ago and there was a photo book...
Yes! And there was someone who made a book that road their bike from Amsterdam to Singapore and made a photo book about it writing the stories about it and I thought that's a cool idea, but I thought I didn't have as many photos and I think mine ended up being bigger than that one because I wrote so much. It was going to be a highlight reel of what I considered my best but some of the stories I write about include some of the first photos I ever shot, so it was no longer a best of kind of book and just using these photos to talk about a story. And some photos without stories.
Even since I was younger, any obsession I had id go look at magazines and bring them home. I always wanted physical copies of things
- interruptions by Masons girlfriend -
So, what happened to the series of photos of places you slept?
OOOoo! Maybe that could be like a re release thing. it started when you and I drove across the country for a month and then we were going to Europe for a couple months and im like were probably going to sleep in some interesting places and I was like why don't I take a photo of every place we slept for a month and sometimes there were cool spots like a full pipe we slept in or on the edge of a cliff or at a public park but other times we were sleeping at peoples places and Id have to explain like hey im doing this thing do you mind if I take a photo of your couch or your bed and there ended up being some poor photos with terrible lighting but there was a whole lot of other photos I wanted to include that had nothing to do with the places I slept so I scratched that idea. maybe one day that'll be its own thing.
Do you think that was the start of the idea for this book?
honestly it might've been because I always thought the idea of putting something together like a physical copy would be cool and I was like maybe this would be cool, a physical copy of all the places I slept. I never thought about that but maybe that started it for me
- interruptions again -
I remember your wall looked like a crime scene investigations with all of your photos, probably every photo in the book was on your wall but were you writing much at that point?
I always enjoyed writing when it was something I enjoyed writing about. I never written much outside of what I had to in school but I managed to write plenty of college essays about bmx which I don't know how I pulled that off but anytime I managed to write about something I enjoyed or was passionate about I was excited to write about it but I hated writing anything I didn't care about. once I started writing about the book I got carried away and I was like oh as im telling the story I remember other details about what happened - especially since the trips were so well documented I was able to go back and look at photos and videos and remember what happened. some trips were so recent so they were fresh in my mind and others were a few years prior so I was able to think about it with how I'd see it now and it gave a whole new perspective. when I was writing I was so effected by what I was reading at the time. Some casual, plainly loosely written things would make me write that way and then id read something more profound or poetic and think I need to spice this up a little bit, not to the point where I changed up how I write but there's definitely parts where I felt inspired where I write the way that I did vs straight up telling the story.
there's one part - well, several parts where im glorifying in great detail about this bowl and im like why am I speaking so poetically about this piece of concrete right now..
I do think you have a deep feeling about concrete.
im passionate! even to someone who appreciates bowls like us might read this and think why is this dude talking about a piece of concrete like this? 
Dude, its just a clover bowl bro.
ummm, ya, when I was reading it I realized you remember a lot of small details about the trips that I completely forgot about.
Ya! well when I tell the story I leave parts out all the time but while I was writing it I was really able to focus on a lot more details. and now any trips I go on I think exactly how im going to write about this.
this is going to be a cliche, but what was the favorite story to write about
*long pause*
I wanna say... it would be.... the story of when Danny, Victor and I ran out of gas on the highway in Switzerland. I haven't told a lot of people that story so writing about it was funny. And that was a month or so into a trip where ridiculous scenarios start seeming like the norm. And once I was writing about it I realized how ridiculous of a story it was. We were riding bikes on the main highway with a gas can and everyone was losing it. people were honking their horns, calling the cops and we ended up riding a skatepark on our way there.
was the skatepark any good?
the skatepark was trash!
im picturing like a pre fab one
It was! we walked through like a field, the grass up to our chest. we have our bikes over head and a gas can with us. These kids watched us walk through the grass, didn't say a word to us and we rode for 5 minutes, hit a quarter and walked back through the grass
its funny that I wasn't in your favorite story
ya actually that was like my least favorite story...
I'm thinking of a good way to end this...
Just say how much ive inspired you - NO! Don't include this
Where can people buy this?
ONLY ONE PLACE AND ONE PLACE ONLY -  wait 2 places! Trident Book store in Boulder Colorado and
alright man... you got your promotion..
yaa, a shameless plug
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